Mark’s Memos is a blog dedicated to all things Soviet History. From the Revolution of 1917 to the fall of the USSR in 1991, Marx’s Memos hopes to look deeper into the culture, people, and government that set the backdrop for the rise of the world’s most powerful socialist conglomerate. In conjunction with the hard work of many other students at Virginia Tech, we hope to paint a digital history of the USSR. All comments are welcome and any feedback is encouraged. I urge everyone to view the mother site which is linked under the menu tab for more great work on Soviet History and Culture.

Prosperity and Corruption. Sacrifice and Purges. Nationalism and Revolution. What defined the Soviet Empire? Who were the Soviet people? What were their morals and ethos? Marx’s Memos serves to deeper contextualize key events that would come to define Soviet Culture from the October Revolution to the collapse of the USSR. Marx’s Memos works with other other blogs from Soviet Culture Fall 2015 (http://amynelson.net/sovietculturef15/) to better understand the culture of the Soviet Union and what works, events and leaders came to define its people.


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